Welcome to Ammanford

Welcome to Ammanford

Welcome to our Ammanford, South West Wales, community website.

Ammanford, the third largest town in the county of Carmarthenshire in South West Wales, is predominately a shopping area and tourism town for many villages in the neighbouring areas.

Serviced by the local railway station with trains to Swansea and Shrewsbury, Ammanford is accessible via the Heart of Wales Rail Line.  With some of the nicest countryside in Britain, Ammanford is fortunate enough to be in a prime location nearby to the moorlands of the Black Mountain.  It is also nearby to historic castles and picturesque viewing spots.

The centre of Ammanford makes for an excellent walking area up and down Harold Street,  Florence Road and Norman Road.  Here you can find the 100 homes that were built nearby to the Aberlash tinplate works which was built in 1888.  The centre of town is also home to the Arcade which was built in 1899.  It is a small but quaint arcade of shops that was built on the site of the Cross Inn Stables.  Still one of the main focal points of the town, you can view a lot of the older architecture as well.  Across from the Arcade you will find The Bard which is the replacement of the Cross Inn, as well as the former Lloyds Bank which is a stunning building to look at.

Travelling down Hall Street you will reach Gellimanwyd Independent Chapel which also is a main attraction of Ammanford.  Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, built in 1849 is also nearby as is the English Wesleyan Chapel and others as well.  One of the most famous churches of Ammanford is St. Michael’s Church which was built in 1884.  With funky paving on the outside and a beautiful graveyard it is must see in Ammanford.  Also you will find Miner’s Welfare Hall with Ammanford Miners’ Theatre on the upper floor.  Cross Ammanford  Park as well as the Town Hall area also nearby and can be walked to from anywhere in the city centre.

Heading about 7 miles outside of Ammanford you will find Carreg Cennen Castle which is one of the most beautiful castles in Wales. Here you can see the amazing views on the tall hilltop and amazing limestone. Also a short drive from Ammanford, you can tour Dinefwr Castle and Park in Llandeilo which is an important historic monument in Welsh history. From churches to monuments as well as fantastic castles, you can get a real historic feel for Wales when you visit Ammanford.

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